A few words from the community.

Taegyn Oldridge

This place has changed my life, and the crew has been like a second family to me. The trainers are top notch and experienced and have taught me so many life lessons both in and out of the ring! If you wanna give an awesome sport a go or get fit hit The Fight Shop!


This place is awesome! Everybody is keen to help you out including other students and coach is so chilled out and happy to answer any questions no matter how dumb they may seem and the place has a real family vibe. As nervous as I was on my first day there, that feeling disappeared in no time

Ricky Greig

Greatest coach - legend really. A great friend and the best coach. I love how the classes are at different times through out the week its really flexible. I hope The Fight Shop is here for generations to come for our tamariki to injoy and embrace. Oss ????